FDLE provides guidance on New Internet Cafés, Adult Arcades Law


On April 10, Gov. Rick Scott signed into law the Electronic Gambling Prohibition and Community Protection Act, effectively closing down Internet Cafés and Sweepstakes adult arcades.

Today, Florida Department of Law Enforcement released handouts and posters aimed at providing guidance to law enforcement authorities, including Florida Sheriffs Association and the Florida Police Chief Association, on the application of the new law.  

“Continued unlawful operation or patronage of Internet Cafe and Sweepstakes adult arcades will subject individuals (owners, employees and patrons) to criminal prosecution,” the handouts and posters say.

FDLE say the documents can be distributed to Internet Cafés and similar businesses to notify all concerned.

The new law came quickly into effect following a multi-agency investigation and raids of Internet Cafés across the state, and the arrests of 57 people.  The investigation also forced the abrupt resignation of former Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, who consulted for Allied Veterans of the World, a charity organization at the center of the investigation.




  1. There is so much more that’s going on that law enforcement only can focus on adults arcades. what is wrong with internet cafe? Florida has more elderly folks than any other states. when they travel they liked to meet up with their friends and have a little lol .So Gov.Rick Scott hurry up and sign the bill without thinking about the elder. whatis wrong with people in the world today . that’s so sad……


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