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EMILY’s List Endorses Stephanie Murphy in Florida’s 7th Congressional District

MurphyMicaToday EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest resource for women in politics, endorsed Stephanie Murphy, who is running to continue her fight for women and families in the Florida’s 7th Congressional District.

“Stephanie Murphy is a champion for women and families,” said Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY’s List. “Stephanie is dedicated to protecting LGBT rights, enacting gun violence prevention legislation, and expanding education to make sure everyone has a fair shot. As an immigrant and first generation college student Stephanie is well aware of the challenges many Americans face, and given her business and national security experience she is used to tackling problems from multiple angles. Unlike her opponent, Republican Congressman John Mica, Stephanie will work to end gender discrimination in pay, expand health care for women, and protect women and families from violence. EMILY’s List is proud to support Stephanie in her bid for election in this crucial swing district.”

“I am honored and thrilled to have Emily’s List’s support,” Murphy said in a statement.  “With their help I know that we will win in November.  As a strong supporter of women’s rights, their support means we will have the resources we need to defeat Congressman Mica.”

The EMILY’s List endorsement for Murphy continues her campaign’s momentum against Mica. The Democratic challenger already proved she can raise serious money against the longtime Republican incumbent.

Stephanie Murphy is a Florida business leader and college instructor running for Congress to expand economic and educational opportunities for all. When Murphy was one year old, she and her family came to America seeking freedom and opportunity, and she is committed to helping others live out the American dream. Murphy’s family escaped Vietnam’s communist regime by boat and became refugees in Malaysia. Her parents worked as laborers to support the family, and Stephanie and her brother became the first in their family to go to college. After earning her Master’s degree, Murphy served as a national security specialist in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, where she received numerous awards for her distinguished service, including the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Civilian Service; and she has served as a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She lives in Winter Park, Florida with her husband Sean and their two young children, Liem and Maya, and is dedicated to serving her local community. Murphy is an executive at a business advisory firm, and also serves as an instructor of business and social entrepreneurship at Rollins College.

When elected, Stephanie will fight tirelessly for all Florida women and families to have a fair shot and she will be a champion for education in Congress, according to EMILY’s List. The group touts that Murphy is a strong pro-choice advocate, and when elected she will defend women’s access to health care from Republican attacks.

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  1. While Stephanie seems super, I wonder about such people who don’t have like their birth name and that of their parents (etcetera) in like Wikipedia, etc.

  2. Dear Joseph– Information on birth name and place of birth now listed in Ms. Murphy’s wikipedia entry.


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