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Devilish Desperation

The Gantt Report:

Everybody in the world has faced desperation at one time or another. Good people will rise up, stand up and figure out a way to improve their situations.

On the other hand, the wicked and deceitful will lean on their animalistic and satanic instincts and resort to negativity, extremism, danger and violence!

Bombings, shootings, stabbings and other types of violence are on the rise.

Low life, slimy, degenerate and desperate cowards are blowing up airplanes and trains, shooting unarmed men and women in airports, using cars and trucks to run over families, tourists and festival goers, stabbing unsuspecting men and women on public transportation vehicles and setting off explosive devices designed to murder and maim unarmed, non-violent and happy go lucky teenagers at crowded concerts!

When times get hard some people get on their knees and pray to God. Other people will slither on a plane or train and run to worship the devils in foreign lands that will tell desperate men and women to kill or be killed!

“If you don’t wear this bomb back pack filled with screws, nails and steel ball bearings and kill as many innocent men, women and children as you can, we will kill you right now,” the devils may say.

These brainwashed devil disciples are convinced if they murder innocent people they will become martyrs, go straight to paradise and enjoy the pleasures of 1000 virgins!

Don’t believe that!

Your soul may go somewhere. Your spirit may go somewhere. Your legacy may have a life somewhere.

But if you do devilish acts and disobey the laws of the Bible and the Quran, the only place you will go is to the cemetery, be put in a six-foot deep hole, be covered with dirt and become food for the maggots!

Even though devils like to kill innocent people they never want to have a fair fight.

The desperate devil is brave when he has guns, brave when he has knives and he is brave when has a whole network of other devils around him and supporting him.

It doesn’t take courage to shoot unarmed men and women. It doesn’t take courage to bomb a concert venue where most of the attendees are unarmed and unprotected teenagers.

It takes courage to do the right thing when it seems bad things are constantly happening to you.  It takes courage to keep looking for a job even though you are getting turned down for every job opportunity. It takes courage to stay in school when all you have is tuition money and nothing for all else you need.  It takes courage to rehabilitate yourself after you’ve suffered a debilitating injury or illness. It takes courage to stick with your business ideas and plans when too many of your customers and clients tell you one lie after another. It takes courage to work with and mentor young people, to visit and help the elderly and to help yourself deal with any personal desperation that you might have.

Yes, a desperate man is an extreme man and a dangerous man! But it is up to the individual man to decide if he will be bad news for the world’s devils on your job, at your school and in your community or a good soldier in the Army of God!

I think it’s safe to say much of the wrongful desperation in the United States has been fueled by a desperate president.

The 45th President is desperate to take away health coverage from 23 million Americans in order to fund huge tax cuts for the rich. The President is desperate to mistreat people of different religions, different races, different sexual orientations and people with different skin colors.

When closet klansmen beat up members of the news media, the 45th President has nothing meaningful to say. When little skinheads and neo-nazis wave confederate flags and swastika flags in high school parking lots, nothing is done.

When you are desperate oftentimes you make mistakes. You lie to the wrong person. You steal from the wrong person or you fire the wrong person.

Good people, when it looks like desperation is sinking in and when you feel like you’re at the end of the rope, tie a knot and keep holding on!

The devil’s desperation will never defeat the people’s determination!

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  1. Since I really don’t know your motives or you personally I can only come to the clonclusion that you are totally uninformed or hi are totally evil You are a total anti Trump blogger that is passing false information and trying to destroy the country by instigating with your lies and opions everything from race warfare two cultural warfare. Your lies and false or distorted information you are putting out along with promoting hate and hysteria with the people who do not listen two the actual truth and settle 4 the crap you put out. It is obvious that you are totally uninformed or intentionally creating this hysteria for your own prestige among the uninformed. You are only repeating allegations by the radical left and news media that are totally unfounded and are intended only to promote hate against the president of the United States. It is alright to dislike him, or disagree with his policies but to put out allegations based on peoples opinion as fact is total evil.

  2. Trump is in no way desparate. It is the left wing radical liberals and most news media who are out to destroy him. As an example the klu klux klan is intitled to free speech no matter how despicable it is just as you can write your (my opinion and I would guess at least 45 million citizen opinions) own dispicable opinions. The only thing is that you are putting out as fact lies, distortions, or cherry picking items. Even thou you have the right to, it is, I believe, evil and an act of the devil. What makes it worse is you are doing it under a blog about evil in the first part of your report which most people will agree with. However you are describing yourself, most the media, and the left wing radicals when you describe the desperate.
    I have looked at the actual vilance and of the actual attacks I and even several liberal media – not just most conservative media – 95% have been by actions against Trump or conservatives. The KKK was attacted by the leftist protesters during a peaceful by I believe vile and evil citizens who have a constitutional right to do. The right to speak is a constitutional right which apparently the leftist are trying to stop. The politically correct PC say their comments are offensive and upset them and I agree many of them are and so do most conservatives. But that does mean we should shut them down. Many of the things I hear, such as from you, are totally offensive to me and I know many others, but I do not want to shut you down. Because I don’t know if your reports are based on been totally uninformed, ignorance, or by blatant hate evil, I like to see blogs like yours so if uninformed or ignorance, I like to inform yor of the truth. If is by latant hate, I can do nothing to change your mind but i can inform the readers of the evilness of your hate. I welcome any response.

  3. IN the Feb 2016 kkk brawl. 12 arrested 5 KKK 7 radicals The 5 kkk were not charged and the 7 leftist protesters were charged with crimes. I understand that 2 of the 7 had been paid to create a riot but not verified


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