Dawn DeLavallade Introduces “She Makes More” at UCF Book Festival


Debut author Dawn DeLavallade, M.D., announced participation in the University of Central Florida Book Festival for her recently published work “She Makes More-Inside the Minds of Female Breadwinners.” The author will introduce her book in her own words at 2:10pm in the Cooking Zone on Saturday, April 13 at the UCF arena. Her booth will be in the Vendors area.

Dawn DeLavallade is a wife, mother, and female physician who recognized over the years that she is part of an emerging trend – she is a female breadwinner. The information Dr. DeLavallade shares in her work stems from candid interviews with female breadwinners as they reveal hidden truths about their experiences as the higher-earners in their marriages. According to Dr. DeLavallade, “this circumstance is a relatively new phenomenon in American relationships.”

“She Makes More” serves to provide a voice for female breadwinners in America. The book reveals the thoughts and feelings that female breadwinners are often reluctant to tell their mates and will serve as a manual to help men better understand this unique breed of wife.

Dr. DeLavallade, “my goal is to encourage honest conversations and constructive dialogue about a new trend that is changing the face of American relationships.”

For more information email dawn@shemakesmore.com or visit www.shemakesmore.com

About the Book

She Makes More-Inside the Minds of Female Breadwinners will properly introduce female breadwinners, exposing never-revealed secrets about how “out-earning” their men makes them think and feel. Among other books on the literary market, She Makes More provides the greatest insight into how men can successfully connect with this amazing category of women.

For more information or to purchase the book, visit www.shemakesmore.com


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