Congressman Soto Introduces ‘The Direct Connect to Success Act’

Watch Congressman Darren Soto’s speech on the House floor here at minute 4:18

Last week, U.S. Representative Darren Soto introduced H.R. #2554, “The Direct Connect to Success Act,” a bill to help students who graduate from a two-year community college take the next step in their education. It guarantees graduates with at least a 2.0 GPA to admission into a participating four-year state university.

“In my district and across the state of Florida, hundreds of thousands of striving students start in community colleges and automatically get admitted into our four-year universities if they graduate with a minimum of a 2.0,” Congressman Soto said. “A four-year degree opens up even more opportunities for these students, many of whom come from underserved and rural areas.”

Locally, the Congressman said the University of Central Florida’s “Direct Connect” program has helped hundreds of thousands of students achieve their educational goals at the state level.

“By expanding this simple, proven program nationwide, we’ll extend the opportunity to continue higher education to millions more hard-working, deserving students,” Rep. Soto continued. “We can all agree that government has a role to play in reducing barriers to success and this guaranteed admission is a low-cost, highly efficient way to remove this big barrier.”

Click here to watch Rep. Soto’s speech from CSPAN.

What do you think of Rep. Soto’s proposal?



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