Classroom Teachers Association Makes Major Endorsement in Florida’s 10 Congressional District

thompson1The Orange County Classroom Teachers Association, which has a membership of over 6,600 teachers and over 1,800 education staff professionals, endorses State Senator Geraldine Thompson in her bid for Congress. The major endorsement is big news for Thompson, who is running in Florida’s 10th Congressional District in a crowded Democratic primary.

“I will honor this endorsement and continue to advocate for, and protect public education in the state of Florida,” Senator Thompson said. “With this endorsement, I will continue to provide the tools and resources necessary for student success.”

According to Thompson’s campaign, CTA unanimously endorsed her candidacy. Thompson was described as a “strong advocate and protector of public education” in a statement by Classroom Teachers Association President-elect Wendy Doromal.

“In my 30 years as an educator and college administrator, I worked closely with both students and staff members to provide a comprehensive education for any and all with a desire to learn,” Thompson said. “In my time as a Florida State Senator, I have fought against the mania of standardized testing. I have worked to uphold fair labor standards for teachers, and I have reduced factors that lead to educational distress.”

Thompson is running against Chief Val Demings, Bob Poe and Fatima Fahmy in the Democratic primary for the congressional seat.


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