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CFX Plans to Invest $4 Billion into Central Florida Over Next 5 Years

The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) will be investing $4 billion in the Central Florida region over the next 5 years through the Fiscal Year 2023- 2027 Five-Year Work Plan. As a regional transportation agency, CFX says it is a “historic investment” that will help with critical infrastructure needs to address the rapid population growth in one of the fastest growing regions in the nation.

Calling it “robust and forward-thinking,” the plan takes the evolving transportation landscape into account, including the emergence of new technologies and sustainability innovations, while maintaining and expanding the expressway system. The plan outlines how CFX will continue to provide Central Floridians with a world-class, integrated mobility network that drives economic growth and improves quality of life.

Highlights from the new Five-Year Work Plan include:

  • Over $1 billion dollars in capacity improvement projects
  • Nine Sustainability Projects implementing photovoltaics (PVs) and renewable energy sources
  • 4 new interchanges (including two interchange projects that are partnerships between CFX and local governments) supporting the needs of the region
  • Deployment of technology to support the emergence of connected and autonomous vehicles

Notably, CFX investments and operations are supported only by tolls. The Work Plan is the actionable extension of the long-range CFX Master Plan, which guides future operations and long-range capital investment decisions to improve the mobility and accessibility of Central Florida residents and visitors. The new FY23-27 Work Plan was created in conjunction with CFX’s 2045 Master Plan process.

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