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Central Florida Man Accused of Killing Ex-Wife, Her Boyfriend to Remain Behind Bars

Central Florida defendant Robert Craig-Webb, who is accused of the first-degree murders of his ex-wife and her new boyfriend, will be held behind bars until trial.

Assistant State Attorney Chinwe Fossett successfully argued that no conditions of release or bail would protect the community from the defendant’s pattern of dangerous behavior earlier this month.

During the hearing, a Tampa Police homicide detective testified the defendant became jealous that his ex-wife was seeing a new man after their divorce. Defendant Craig-Webb drove to the victim’s home in the Encore development in Tampa and ambushed his ex-wife and her boyfriend, shooting and killing them as they walked out of the apartment on June 1st around 1:30pm.

The defendant admitted to the murders and told detectives the victims did not have a weapon or threaten him.

During the investigation, the victim’s children told police that the defendant exhibited stalker-like behavior following the couple’s divorce in 2023.

During their 40-year marriage, the defendant was arrested for domestic violence and also broke the victim’s arm, according to her children. The victim in this case blocked the defendant’s phone number and did not wish to have contact with him.

After the murders, Craig-Webb told police that he shot his ex-wife and her boyfriend because they were lying about him. During the investigation, the detectives found a note from the defendant to his son apologizing for his actions.

“A family lost a mother at the hands of this ruthless defendant,” said State Attorney Suzy Lopez. “Just minutes prior to the killings, the victim was with her grandchildren enjoying cherished family time. This defendant ambushed and murdered these innocent victims, and he will be held accountable.”

Hillsborough County has several resources to help victims of domestic violence and their families. The Spring of Tampa Bay provides a safe place for survivors and their children. If you or someone you know needs help, the Spring has a 24-hour crisis hotline that victims can call or text: 813-247-SAFE (7233).

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