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Beauty and Faith: Alabaster Co. Redesigns Bible with Stunning Imagery

Alabaster Co. BibleWhat would the Bible look like if it were designed today? Alabaster has one answer, as they welcome a new way to experience the word of God in our daily lives. It encourages the millennial generation to take a moment to be grateful and enjoy a quiet moment for reflection and prayer.

Alabaster is the brainchild of two young publishers, Brian Chung and Bryan Ye-Chung, whose path to Christian life has given birth to a visually and touching way to read different texts of the Bible. The brand recreates the writings into aesthetically pleasing art books with vivid imagery and modern designs to encourage millennials to incorporate the readings into their regular routines.

It all began when the two Brians met at USC. Aside from sharing similar names and their participation in campus ministry, they realized their generation needed a modern way to visually appreciate the ancient text of the Bible. The goal was to spark fresh conversations and encourage people of faith to enjoy the teachings in a visually-pleasing art form.

Brian grew up Buddhist and became Christian in college. Newly introduced to the teachings, he was intimidated by the Bible and wondered how it could be redesigned for this generation geared towards visual content while connecting beauty with faith. This resonated with many his age and the path for him and Bryan became clear.

They would transform individual books of the Bible into gorgeous visual content using the New Living Translation, a more modern version of the text, although, Alabaster also has special edition Bibles in the King James Version, English Standard Version, and New International Version. With a layout inspired by white space, intentionally placed typography, and unique original photography, the result has captivated a growing audience embracing the artistic content and the meaning behind every word.

Sustainability is just as important to the brand as stewards of God’s creation. The books are printed at Hemlock Printers, one of Canada’s most environmentally friendly printing factories, creating books of the utmost quality using sustainable materials. Every book published is 100% carbon neutral. Additionally, their packaging is made from 35% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

The Alabaster Co. brand has 100,000 customers and growing especially as a gift idea for upcoming holidays, with celebs such as model Hailey Bieber and singer actress Adrienne Houghton also loving the offerings.

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