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Attempted Murder Arrest in Downtown Stabbing over Bottle of Cologne

The Orlando Police Department has taken another violent criminal off the streets who admitted to nearly killing a man over a bottle of cologne. A man was attacked in downtown Orlando with a metal pole and stabbed multiple times with a knife. The attacker has spent a combined 30 years in prison.

According to OPD, on November 25th at approximately 10:30pm in the 600 block of Ossie Street, an adult male victim was stabbed and left with several wounds on his arm, chest and leg. He then approached security at the Coalition for the Homeless for help. Orlando Police Patrol Units then responded to the scene.

OPD’s Crime Center was able to locate video surveillance, which showed a man using a metal pole and a knife to attack the victim.

Through investigative work by local detectives, including tracking down another piece of vital video, the suspect was identified as 57-year-old Gary K. Gangloff and located by the OPD Special Enforcement Division.

In police custody, Gangloff told investigators the fight happened because the victim stole his cologne and that he also warned the victim this would happen if it was not returned.

Gangloff has spent a combined 30 years in prison and was released May 2022. For this crime, he’s charged with Attempted Murder With a Weapon.

Do you feel safe in downtown Orlando under Mayor Buddy Dyer? Many residents and businesses continue to complain about public safety in Orlando, but OPD is staying busy making the streets safer each day.

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