A Day in the Life of an Orlando Cop

police officer payamesh.jpg Police Officer Paymayesh Looks Back

Orlando Police Officer Paymayesh spends most of his work day driving around in his police cruiser looking for anything suspicious. As a member of the Orlando Police Department’s Patrol Unit, Officer Paymayesh believes that a successful patrol officer is one that is actually out on the streets patrolling.

It is this philosophy that led Officer Paymayesh to be “in the right place at the right time” one night in June 2007. On this night, an individual robbed an I-HOP restaurant in Pine Hills and fled the scene in a white Buick. Officer Paymayesh is assigned to the Pine Hills area of Orlando. He heard the vehicle description and noticed a white Buick driving past him. When he attempted to pull over the white Buick, it fled. Officer Paymayesh was granted permission to pursue the vehicle, which merged onto I-4, resulting in a dangerous chase. Though the white Buick hit many cars on the interstate, there were no injuries to any party and the chase ended on South Orange Blossom Trail. The suspect turned out to be unrelated to the robbery, but had a revoked driver’s license and a large quantity of drugs in his possession.  
That car chase is the most memorable experience from Officer Paymayesh’s five-year history in law enforcement. He looks back on it recalling the rush of adrenaline, the uncertainty of why the suspect was fleeing and gratitude for the safe ending. The memory serves as a chilling reminder of the potential danger of a basic traffic stop. 
Officer Paymayesh’s beginnings with law enforcement were accidental. Growing up, he had no family members in law enforcement and wanted to work in engineering with his brother. While taking engineering classes at Valencia Community College, he enrolled in a criminal justice course and fell in love with the subject. He enrolled in the Police Academy and, upon graduation, began work with the University of Central Florida Police Department. He spent three years at UCF before joining the Orlando Police Department in August 2005. 
Officer Paymayesh has worked diligently to earn both a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida. He can often be found working off-duty around Orlando, and also volunteering with the Fraternal Order of Police. He has been recognized for his outstanding efforts at the Orlando Police Department with numerous team awards. In July, Officer Paymayesh was named the Orlando Police Department’s Officer of the Month. This recognition was in response to the 1-4 chase, as well as two other authorized chases in the month of June.  
Officer Paymayesh’s dedication to protecting the citizens of Orlando is most evident not with his awards and recognitions, but in the passion he puts into his work. When speaking with Officer Paymayesh, one can see his eyes light up when talking about his job. He believes that being a good police officer is not about arresting the most people or seizing the most drugs or guns, but more about the dedication and quality of services provided to the citizens. Officer Paymayesh takes that passion and philosophy with him to work every day.


  1. I would like to meet police officials assigned to Pine Hills. I am the newly appointed pastor of Emmanuel Seventh-day Adventist Church: 6424 Arundel Dr.


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