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23-Year-Old Man Guilty of 2019 Apopka Murder

The Office of the State Attorney for the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida recently announced that Tyquarius Smith has been found guilty of First Degree Murder with a Firearm after a man was found shot and killed in Apopka in 2019.

In December 2019, the body of Ahmad Davis was found in the area of 1934 Old Apopka Road. Surveillance video acquired by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office showed a witness driving the victim to the area of 538 West Ella J. Gilmore Street. While parked there, Smith and another witness approached the vehicle and asked the witness for a ride as well. While in transit, Smith shot Davis inside of the vehicle. His body was then moved to another location.

During the trial, the back seat passenger testified for the state, as he received a gunshot wound from the shooting. The defense claimed the passenger’s testimony was unreliable, however the State was able to support their case through the surveillance video and forensic evidence.

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Office was instrumental in our efforts to obtain a guilty verdict in this case,” said lead Assistant State Attorney Sean Wiggins. “Detective Brian Savelli tracked down surveillance footage from multiple locations, found witnesses, pursued leads and did everything necessary for our office to prosecute this case successfully. The combined efforts of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office put us in a position to present a case for a jury to decide justly.”

Testimony concluded and the jury found Smith guilty on Count one, First Degree Murder with a Firearm and guilty on Count three, Aggravated Battery with a Firearm. Both counts qualify for a firearm minimum mandatory sentencing enhancement.

For count one, Smith was sentenced to life in prison at the Florida Department of Corrections, with a 25-year minimum mandatory. For count three he was sentenced to 15 years, with a 10-year minimum mandatory sentence to be served consecutive to count one.

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