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220,000 Cubic Yards Collected, Local Hurricane Debris Removal Continues

According to Orange County, contractors continue to remove local debris from across the county. Projections from officials indicate Orange County will be cleared of debris from both Hurricane Ian and Tropical Storm Nicole by mid-December.

Since October 6th, crews have collected more than of 220,000 cubic yards of debris, which would fill 5,500 commercial sized dumpsters or nearly 15,000 average sized dump trucks.

Officials also stressed that local crews continue to work 12-hour days, seven days-a-week to clear county maintained streets and roads, focusing on subdivisions with critical needs before addressing lesser affected areas. Following the Thanksgiving holiday, crews will resume work on Friday, November 25th.

As a reminder, all storm related debris should be placed in the county’s right of way in accordance with previous guidance for collection.

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