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2024 Hooters Calendar Celebrates 40 Years of the World Famous Hooters Girl

The 2024 Hooters Calendar is now available at all Hooters locations, featuring many Florida models including a Jacksonville cover girl and others from Sarasota, Tampa, Daytona, Naples, and Odessa.

In honor of Hooters 40th Anniversary, the 2024 calendar includes a commemorative cover wrap “Showtime” a celebration of the world famous Hooters Girl the iconic image of Hooters for 40 years. The commemorative showcase painting by famed international artist Fabian Perez is a tribute to all of the Hooters Girls who continue to enhance the image of this brand with beauty and class and also recognizes over 400,000 Hooters Girl Alumni that have made Hooters America’s Neighborhood Oasis since 1983.

It all started October 4, 1983 and after 40 years is still going strong. All of the 200 ladies in the calendar work at Hooters restaurants across the country and were selected from thousands of candidates.

The model on the commemorative wrap is Hooters Girl Eden Davis from Abilene, Texas. Featured on the cover of the calendar is Miss Hooters International and 2024 Hooters Calendar cover girl Emily Johnson from Jacksonville, Florida.

The calendar includes 12 feature girls from around the country and one centerfold. Features are Miss January Sarah Magda (Sarasota, Florida); Miss February Kiana Mahabir (Odessa, Florida); Miss March Sophia Zullo (Mason, Ohio); Miss April Paris Tootle (Savannah, Georgia); Miss May Iliana Rodriquez (North Tampa, Florida); Centerfold Averey Tressler (Mesa, Arizona); Miss June Miya Vidales (Sarasota, Florida); Miss July Cassidy Marginean (Grand Prairie, Texas); Miss August Alexis Parker (Rock Hill, South Carolina); Miss September Sara Vratanina (Daytona, Florida); Miss October Bella Waters (Jacksonville, Florida); Miss November Grace Burchett (Naples, Florida) and Miss December Olivia Lorenzo (Loveland, Colorado).

“The 2024 Hooters Calendar is very iconic and special,” said Hooters Calendar Girl Eden Davis. “This brand means everything to me. I was speechless when I saw it for the first time. It was an amazing and fun opportunity to work with Fabian Perez for this commemorative piece and definitely one of the top experiences I have had.”

$1 of every Hooters Calendar sold supports the Kelly Jo Dowd Breast Cancer Research Fund as part of the “Give a Hoot” fundraising efforts in October.  Kelly Jo Dowd, an original Hooters girl, the 1995 Hooters Calendar Cover Girl and Hooters General Manager in Palm Harbor succumbed to breast cancer in 2007. The calendar has raised over one million dollars.

The first Hooters Calendar was released fall 1985, two years after the first Hooters opened.

“The Hooters Calendar continues to be one of America’s top selling calendars and is a cornerstone of the Hooters brand,” said Chuck Melcher, owner and publisher of the Hooters Calendar. “For the 40th Anniversary we wanted to add this special commemorative piece Showtime as a tribute to the iconic Hooters Girls who have become recognized world wide for decades.”

“It was truly an honor for me to be a part of this interesting project that involves not only 40 years of Hooters history, a company that achieved the most success and recognition around America and throughout the whole world, but also the icon that represents this brand, the beautiful and sensual woman, always with a mysterious smile on her face, that woman who represents self-confidence, good manners and who with just a sexy look or movement manages to conquer the viewer’s heart,” said artist Fabian Perez. “I capture the figure of the person, but my goal is to portray their soul, and this statement was exactly what I was looking for with this painting that celebrates the 40th anniversary of a national emblem as it is Hooters and its past, present, and future.”

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