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Orlando Gets Community Violence Intervention Grant from DOJ

Central Florida Congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost recently presented the City of Orlando with a $1.5 million grant from the Department of Justice as part of their Office of Justice Programs Community Violence Intervention Initiative.

This funding will help expand the City of Orlando’s Community Violence Intervention (CVI) Program into historically underserved communities in Orlando to reduce violent crime and promote public safety. Under Mayor Buddy Dyer’s administration, violent crime and youth crime activity remain an issue throughout Orlando.

“It’s time to put an end to the loss of lives due to senseless violence before we lose another precious member of our Orlando community,” said Congressman Maxwell Frost.

This funding comes just weeks after President Biden’s announcement to create the first-ever federal office of Gun Violence Prevention, which was pushed by Rep. Frost. The CVI program will collaborate with various community-based organizations, law enforcement agencies, and academic institutions to identify and engage targeted beneficiaries, especially those who are marginalized and adversely affected by inequality.

“We’re immensely proud to witness the proactive stance taken by local leaders in the City of Orlando,” Rep. Frost said. “Their action in launching the Community Violence Intervention Program – and expanding it via this important grant – marks a significant step towards addressing the root causes of this pervasive issue. These interventions are taking place not in an office but in our most vulnerable communities, working with the folks who are most likely to commit or fall victim to it. The CVI program provides residents with a renewed sense of safety and will save lives. We look forward to its transformative impact on creating a future characterized by safety and a profound sense of community.”

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