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15-Year-Old Powerhouse, Madeline Burns, Releases Latest Pop Single

Florida native and singer/songwriter Madeline Burns released her latest single, “Thin Ice.” At just 15, Madeline’s riveted storytelling and incredible voice has audiences turning up the volume.

“Thin Ice” is an emotionally charged pop song that speaks of truth vs. deception. “I wanted this song to be lyrically driven and really tell a story people resonate with,” said Madeline Burns.

KMS Reviews added “…although she just started her career, proves without a doubt that she’s not in the industry to play games. She came for the top of the mountain.”

Glasse Factory said “…she uses her powerful vocals and excellent control to evoke strong emotions within her listeners, marking her as an artist to watch even at such a young age.”

Madeline began her career on the theater stage at age 6 performing in countless musical theater productions. She’s started vocal training at 7, and her coaches recognized early on that she had remarkable range and artistic sense. Madeline started writing and recording two years ago and hasn’t looked back.

To listen to Madeline Burns’ music, check all major streaming platforms like Spotify or Amazon music.

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