Rep Geraldine Thompson Requests Governor DeSantis Expands Executive Order

State Representative Geraldine Thompson sent a letter to Governor Ron DeSantis asking him to expand his Executive Order aimed at protecting Floridians from mortgage foreclosure due to the economic catastrophe caused by COVID-19. The current order only covers mortgages for single-family primary residences, while Representative Thompson is asking to expand it to also cover multi-family or condominium mortgages that are the primary residences for many Floridians.

“This proposed change protects thousands of people who own and live in multi-family properties and condos. Amending the Executive Order will be very significant in providing relief to those who have been affected deeply by the current pandemic,” Rep. Thompson’s letter states. “My proposal will give Floridians some much needed relief from the daily stress and fear of living through the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The letter also highlighted some of the stories the state representative is hearing from constituents. Thompson says people tell her about “the lack of job opportunities, their fear of becoming homeless, and the hopelessness they feel.” She is calling on the Governor to provide assistance to support them for the next few months.

“The threat of homelessness is very real for many of our neighbors,” Representative Thompson added. “Unfortunately, the Governor’s current Executive Order doesn’t go far enough, so I’m asking him to consider expanding it to protect more Floridians. We know that once a family reaches homelessness it is very difficult for them to work their way back to stability and prosperity. We should do everything we can to prevent Floridians from becoming homeless during this health care crisis and economic uncertainty. It’s the right thing to do.”

To read the full letter, click here.


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