Flag Foolishness

You can remove the Confederate flag from the flag poles and grounds of political institutions but you can’t take the Confederate attitudes from the hearts and minds of politicians and other conservatives!

Go With The Flow

When the flow gets dangerous, when the flow gets scary, when the flow might jeopardize your job, your status, your health, your security or your game, some people decide to run away from the flow!

Two Men From Charleston


South Carolina has long been the “role model” of how states should mistreat and disrespect Black people.

Internet Ignorance

Gone are the days of the “Grio”, or African historian, storyteller, praise singer, poet and musician. Black and African history means nothing these days because if it did it would be “trending” on the internet.

White Woman in the NAACP


One white woman that acts Black could never ever compare to the millions and millions of Black people in America and around the world that “act white” everyday!

Dog Food

I believe that all judges should be women because women are the most judgmental creatures on earth!

When Coattails Become Halter Tops

Republican consultants know very well that if Black voter turnout is subdued, discouraged or politically prevented, no Democrat could win a rat race or a political contest!

White Eyes and Black Lives


I’ve seen a white person go into a bank and get a million dollar loan with only his signature and I’ve seen a Black man with over $100,000 in his bank account go into the very same bank and get turned down for trying to get a $30,000 loan.