White Eyes and Black Lives


I’ve seen a white person go into a bank and get a million dollar loan with only his signature and I’ve seen a Black man with over $100,000 in his bank account go into the very same bank and get turned down for trying to get a $30,000 loan.

Finally, A Fair State Attorney

Thank God for Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby. She is a hero to me but we really don’t need heroes. I thank God for sending us a Black public servant that is not afraid to do the job she is supposed to do!

Urban Uprisings


More and more and more urban uprisings will take place in the future as long as political puppets, social opportunists and embedded informants masquerading as leaders call for peace while the poor, the Black, the denied, the disrespected, the exploited and the oppressed masses are calling for equal rights and justice!

Championship Racism


Americans are the owners of the Racism Championship of the World! Anytime they can say something bad about Blacks in sports, Blacks in government, Blacks in business or anywhere Black people are, they will do it!

Black-White Sex Acts

Selectively biased white reporters and others, including some African American journalists, choose every opportunity they can to accuse the man, Jameis Winston, of raping a white woman.

The New Negro Voice

Today, when the major news networks and major national newspapers want to interview or ask questions about African American, Black, inner city or urban events and activities of national or worldwide interest, they parade the same old neocolonialist puppets onto the front pages, the television shows and the radio shows to articulate the status of Black America in the way that the modern day slave masters want them to articulate!

Is Lucius Gantt Bitter?

God has blessed me with a lot of talent just as he has blessed, in some way, all of the people that choose to read The Gantt Report.