WTF!: There Are Ten (10) Presently Ongoing Clinton/Obama Scandal Investigations

A list of the ten presently ongoing Clinton/Obama scandal investigations:

1) Spy-gate: Probe into FISA/FISC abuse by FBI/DOJ in 2016. Agency: Congress – Nunes, Goodlatte, Grassley. Location: Washington, DC. Status : ongoing (since May 2017) NOTE: A Special Counsel may take it over – Gowdy and Goodlatte just called for a Special Counsel to investigate potential bias/conflicts of interest & FISA abuse at DOJ. Special Counsel not yet in place.

2) Foundation-gate: Hillary Clinton ‘pay to play’ & Clinton Foundation, using foundation interests as vehicle to launder pay-to-play bribe proceeds. Agency: FBI. Location : Little Rock, Arkansas. Status: ongoing (started mid 2017). Charles Ortel’s been all over this for years.

3) Uranium-gate: Uranium One / Hillary Clinton/ Clinton Foundation /Obama. Agency : DOJ. Location : Washington, DC. Status: ongoing (since mid 2017).

4) Leak-gate: Felony Leaks (at least 27). Agency : DOJ. Location : Washington, DC. Status : ongoing (since mid 2017)

5) Server-gate: Illegal exoneration of Hillary Clinton/ Classified emails on private server/FOIA abuse etc. Agency : OIG. Location : Washington, DC. Status : ongoing (since Jan 2017).

6) Awan-gate: Awan/Pakistani/Obama infiltration into Congress via IT. Agency: OIG, then Congress, DOJ. Location: Washington, DC. Status: confidential (since early 2017)

7) Do$$ier-gate: FEC violations by Clinton Campaign relating to funding of Dossier. / Hillary Clinton / DNC. Agency : FEC. Location : Washington, DC. Status : ongoing (since Oct 2017)

8) DNC/Wasser-gate: DNC Hack/Leak / rigging of Bernie Sanders primary / Actions of DNC, Clinton Campaign. Agency: DOJ. Location: Washington, DC. Status : confidential/ likely ongoing (since mid 2017). #SethRich

9) Russia-gate: Investigation into Russian meddling in 2016 US election / Clinton/DNC Drumpf-Russia / Agency: OSC (Robert Mueller). Location : Washington, DC (international in scope). Status : ongoing (since May 2017). Will Mueller turn on the Clintons?

10) Hezbollah-gate: Semi-covert? Sessions announces new Hezbollah Investigation Team. Focuses on drug trafficking. Doesn’t state investigating Obama admin handling of it. So it may not count… yet.

And what about the $1,500,000,000.00 Obama shipped on pallets to the Iran regime?



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