Woman Admits to Shooting Husband Dead as he Slept

A woman who confessed to shooting her husband dead on Christmas Eve as he slept on the couch, will spend her 40th birthday tomorrow, in the Hernando County Jail.

Karen Lynn Biraghi - suspect

Karen Lyn Biraghi, of Spring Hill, Florida, confessed to police that she loaded her revolver hand gun with six bullets, and as her husband, Alan Biraghi, 31 years, slept on the couch, she shot him at point blank range, twice in the back of his head.  She told detectives that her husband never moved.

Biraghi also told investigators that she and her husband, Alan, had been married for about 11 years and had recently been having maritial problems and that he was planning to move out.

Investigators said, a call was received around 12:45 am, on December 24, from a caller, later identified as Karen Lynn Biraghi, who stated that she wanted to turn herself in for killing her husband.

Investigators also said that after Karen shot and killed her husband, she drove to to her mother’s residence and told her that she had killed her (Karen’s) husband.

Karen admitted to detectives that she shot her husband with intent to kill, police said.

Based on Karen’s interview with police and the evidence at the crime scene, she was booked into the Hernando County Detention Center. She has been charged with first degree murder and is being held without bond.

Alan Biraghi – deceased.


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