Why Orlando Isn’t Kansas Anymore

The ruthlessness with which Buddy Dyer has built downtown Orlando has been utterly breathtaking.

Glistening and gleaming, the city’s skyline reveals its future like a prophesy, bearing the signature of its greatest manipulator yet, the Honorable John Hugh “Buddy” Dyer.

Orlando’s 32nd mayor has not wasted time.

In 13 years, he has recreated the city in his own vision, laid waste to his enemies, and demonstrated with panache the many, many virtues of Machiavellian deception.

william brack
Orlando’s first Mayor, William Jackson Brack

One can only hope that Orlando’s first mayor, the great Billy Brack turns peacefully in his grave, knowing that his vision for a City Beautiful, has been faithfully attended to.

No other mayor has had the impact of Mayor Buddy, and don’t even think about bringing up Bill Frederick: he couldn’t even imagine the municipal overreach of Orlando’s current mayor.

From felony voter fraud, to cultural and civic desecration, Dyer has been very lucky. Sleepy towns seldom wake up while being hollowed out, and Orlando has proven to be no match to the hypnotist that is Buddy Dyer

To his credit, he has ensured that his tenure will decide the areas future (and his place in history) for a century. Dragging a Florida backwater into the new, post-Lehman era could not have occurred under anyone else.

Race, class and privilege, when properly implemented, can be very effective when plotting a coup d’etat, but when used as a basis for economic development, as has been the case in Dyer’s Orlando, insiders pillage and plunder channeling their own, inner robber baron.

Don’t take our word for it, just consider the peasants in Orlando’s District 5.

Despite billions of dollars that have poured thru their community in the way of mega development, totaling nearly $100k for every man, woman and child, poverty remains at an all time high and has gotten far worse.

The black political and religious class, serving as handmaidens for their masters, pimped, played and exploited the future of thousands for personal gain, and sometimes, even in the name of the Lord.

Shameless soul sellers like Ernest Page, Daisy Lynum, and now Regina Hill are held up as examples of inclusion in a city that would make Boss Tweed blush.

In the other districts around the city, favoritism and neglect bookmark the losers and the takers, while local poverty, denies growth for the city’s small businesses.

Who need’s a business anyway? There are plenty of part-time jobs for all who would want one

It’s said that people get the government they deserve and that couldn’t be truer in Orlando.

For this is a city built, maintained and corrupted by the people themselves who go out of their way to destroy their own interests.


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