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Where Orlando Ranks on Most LGBTQ-Friendly City List

Everyone wants the American dream — a home in a safe and supportive community — even LGBTQ Americans. For Pride Month, Lawnstarter ranked cities using 19 indicators of an ideal LGBTQ city, such as their equality index, the share of same-sex households, and the presence of LGBTQ support groups. They also factored in affordability, safety, access to LGBTQ-friendly health care, and Pride-readiness.

How does Orlando stack up?

Orlando ended up ranking third in the country. Fort Lauderdale was second, and San Francisco topped the list overall. Orlando’s rank in some key metrics:

  • Municipal Equality Index Score – 1st
  • LGBTQ Support/Resource Centers per 100,000 Residents – 3rd
  • Cost of Living – 71st
  • Sexual Orientation- and Gender-Related Hate Crimes per 100,000 Residents – 67th
  • LGBTQ-Friendly Therapists per 100,000 Residents – 9th
  • Number of Pride Events – 6th

The full Lawnstarter ranking and analysis can be found here.

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