Vibert White Should Speak Now

Daisy Lynum opponent and District 5 Candidate, Vibert L. White might just have some explaining to do, given that he is running for public office.

Vibert L. White
Vibert L. White

White, who is running for Orlando City Council and seeking to unseat Commissioner Daisy Lynum in District 5, has been arrested at least on two occasions for battery, a misdemeanor charge.

According to case no. 2006-MM-012680-A-O, dated November 23rd 2006, White was arrested and charged with battery.  The attorney who appeared on White’s behalf entered a written plea of not guilty on November 28th 2006 and bond was set at $500.

One year later, White was again arrested and charged with battery.   According to case no. 2007-MM-013889-A-O, dated December 2nd 2007, the charges listed were battery, and a written plea of not guilty was again entered on December 4th 2007.

More recently, a petition to expunge the record was filed on July 23rd 2008, with a subsequent amended petition, filed on November 13th 2008.     Permission was granted by the court to expunge and seal the records on December 3rd  and 4th, 2008, respectively.

White, as we noted, had his lawyers plead not guilty.  But, it would seem to us that anyone who wants to run for public office, should clear the air and let voters know exactly what went on.

White may just want to come clean and speak now before its too late.



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