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Val Demings Announces Action Plan to Fight Inflation and Cut Costs for Americans

U.S. Representative Val Demings joined the New Democrat Coalition to release a multipronged action plan to fight inflation, lower prices on essential goods and services, and provide relief to American workers, families, and businesses. This plan – the only plan of its type released by members of Congress and available below – was developed in partnership with economists, policy experts, and administration officials and includes multiple legislative and administration action items to fight inflation and bring down costs, according to the Orlando Representative.

Rep. Demings is also running for U.S. Senate, hoping to contrast Republican Senator Marco Rubio with the plan.

“As the daughter of a maid and a janitor, my family valued every dollar,” said Rep. Demings. “Every day, I think about how to build an economy that works for families like the one I grew up in. I am proud to join colleagues to announce this first of its kind plan to bring down costs for Florida families. This plan will put money in the pockets of working families, fix our supply chains so shelves are stocked and factories can run, and reduce costs of gas, groceries, housing, and energy.”

The New Dems Inflation Action Plan focuses on eight primary planks:

  1. Strengthen global supply chains
  2. Get more people back to work
  3. Reduce tariffs and other trade barriers
  4. Lower energy prices (including gas prices) & promote new energy economy
  5. Increase affordable housing
  6. Lower the price of food
  7. Reduce out of pocket costs
  8. Invest in the long-term fiscal strength of our nation and families

“America has the strongest economy in the world, but we are falling behind in key areas,” Rep. Demings added. “I’m calling on my colleagues to join us and make these critical investments in workers, factories, supply chains, and communities. We need to rebuild an economy where hard work actually gets you ahead, and this new plan will help get us there.”

Here’s the New Democrat Coalition inflation action plan:

New Dem Inflation Action Plan

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