Trump Beats Harris in Presidential Poll

In last month’s McLaughlin poll, voters said former President Donald Trump defeats Vice President Kamala in a hypothetical Presidential election. However, nearly two-thirds of the polled voters indicated President Joe Biden would not run again, including 51% of Biden voters and 50% of Democrats telling the pollsters it’s likely Harris will be President.

A majority of voters believe Harris will be President before 2024, leading into the next election. But Democratic messaging is off around the country and political opportunities are being squandered. On top of that, the Biden administration is seemingly setting up a return of Trump’s biggest issues to the main stage.

It’s close, but if you listen to Democrats, Trump should be done in politics. In the McLaughlin poll, Trump leads 49% to 45%. He also leads among independents and suburban voters slightly. Trump is also still showing higher support in minority communities than Republicans normally receive, with 39% of Hispanics and 17% of African Americans.

Biden does maintain a positive job approval rating, but Harris may have a lot to prove on the national stage. Her first international trip had mixed reviews and results, and now her upcoming visit to the Southern border will directly pit her against Trump on his top issue.


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