Trump 2020 Club Now in Action in Orange County

Randy Ross, who will serve as President of the Orange County Trump 2020 Republican Club, with Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential election.

The creation of “Trump Orange County Republican Club 2020” was announced at this month’s Orange County Republican Executive Committee meeting. Randy Ross, one of the key leaders of the local 2016 Trump efforts, said the Trump club will fall under OCREC and will be a charter of the Republican Party of Florida, but remains open to all local constituents.

“The response to the announcement of the creation of the Orange County Trump Republican Club has been well-received locally and throughout the state,” said Ross, who previously served as Orange County Chair for the Trump 2016 campaign. “We welcome people from the Democrat and Independent parties to our club. Our goal is simply to maintain energy and enthusiasm for our President leading to the 2020 election.”

Ross will serve as the club’s President and Melissa McGee, who was also extremely active in the local Trump 2016 campaign serving as Outreach Chair, will serve as Vice President. Carolyn Cook has been announced as the Secretary, and Brett Schulman will be the club’s Treasurer.

According to the club’s initial announcement, the focus will be to “continue to engage, embrace and support President Trump through the 2020 re-election process.” The club will become a space for Central Florida organizing on behalf of Trump supporters, but the announcement also said it will engage and organize to support all Republicans running for office.

The Orange County Trump 2020 efforts have also received the blessing of Florida Republican Party Chair Blaise Ignoglia. Even OCREC Chair Lew Oliver, who has butted heads with Ross in the past, is supportive of the new club. Ross challenged Oliver for Chair last year. At the time, Ross pledged to “Make Orange County Red Again.”

However, Orange County remains extremely “blue.” Democrats have a major voter registration advantage in the county, with 121,574 more registered Democratic voters than Republican voters. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won Orange County by approximately a 140,000 vote margin, as the county went 60-35. Trump was able to ultimately win Florida, meaning Democrats do need to increase turnout as much as possible all over the state – especially in “blue” Orange County.

Despite the vote reality in Orange County, the organizing for Trump’s 2020 re-election in Florida has begun. Trump supporters are now back in action locally, focused on organizing a re-election win already. Now the question begs, what are the Democrats doing to organize victory and an increased vote margin in 2020?


  1. Sounds like an ironic place for someone who is categorized as “orange” to start their reelection process, but I’m just happy he’s considering reelection.

  2. Does the President deserve our Support?

    If we put aside all the swamp attacks and concentrate on the facts the answer is more than ever he deserves our support.

    One only has to take a look at how foreign government’s fully support his foreign policies. Look at what he has done for veterans, the economy, and small business, law enforcement. Illegal immigration has been reduced and he has yet to fully address that issue. Only a year in office and he has already accomplished more for this country than past President’s. Regardless of the left rhetoric these accomplishments cannot be denied.

    So what seems to the problem with Congress regarding the President’s legislative attempts? To answer that we have to go back to the campaign where he made a statement no other candidate ever made, he broke the cardinal rule. He said he was going to “Drain the Swamp” and that my friends is the present problem. A politician never mentions the swamp, it’s their major source of personal income, it’s what we all call corruption. So the swamp is fighting back and don’t be confused, the swamp is the only thing in Washington that is bipartisan. All parties are involved in the swamp.

    So should we support our President? I believe it is our duty to do so; he has taken on an epic battle, which no one has ever done before. All the attacks against him and the administration directly or indirectly come from the Swamp. It is now on us to contact our Congressional representatives and demand they support the President, to keep his promises and the promises of the Republican Party. It is time for America to stand up for what is right, to clean up government and most of all to Make America Great again.

    Frank D. Lovell
    Republican Committeeman Precinct 202
    Inverness, FL.


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