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Time for some Sassy Alternative Music

About 5 years ago, Rosemary Ashley started writing and recording what she called Sassy Alternative Music with intentionally designed lyrics to send messages of Universal Truth in the context of real-life emotions. Her album is called “From Primal to Divine”. She is part of a growing movement of “positive” or “empowerment” artists, dedicating their divine gifts to the betterment of the world.

Rosemary Ashley

The songs in “From Primal to Divine” express struggles and joys encountered on a journey of personal growth and awareness, toward enlightenment. They are a source of comfort and springboard for productive action by presenting real life situations and the honest emotions felt by every day people.  Instead of hiding these feelings, actively experiencing and resolving them leads to a life of continuous growth.

“From Primal to Divine” is a collection of 17 songs in a variety of styles for the true music lover.

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