There’s Still Time for Demings to Involve the Local Black Media

The other candidate in the race for Orange County Sheriff, John Tegg picked up another highly coveted endorsement from the West Orange Political Alliance (W.O.P.A.)

This group is just the latest in a long list of organizations that have thrown their support behind Chief Tegg.

As the August 26 race heats up, whispering has begun that Jerry Demings with his big name, big money and highly paid political consultants, is getting nervous.

Up until now, Demings has been seen as the one to beat.

Others disagree.   Local black media have begun questioning the Demings Campaign for his selection of Candace Crawford as Campaign Manager.

Well known, and well connected, Crawford (sister of former Florida Agriculture Commissioner Bob Crawford and political pundit Craig Crawford), is being blamed for minimizing local black media, choosing instead to spend the bulk of the Demings considerable cash with white owned, out of town firms.   Crawford hung up the phone recently when asked why she considered local black media insignificant.

Meanwhile, a source close to the Campaign noted that, Demings himself does see the value of using the local black media to get his message out and to rally that segment of the population.

According to the source, who is best placed to inform the West Orange voters of Candidate Demings’ 27 years experience in law enforcement, which includes serving as Chief of Police for the City of Orlando, Public Safety Director of Orange County and Interim Director of the Orange County jail?   I would submit that it is the local black media!

With the primaries some six weeks away, Candidate Demings might still have time to involve the local black media and yet pull off a victory over his chief rival, John Tegg.


  1. Jerry Demings has no platform other then taking guns off the street.. That is happening everyday nothing new.. He did nothing for OPD and Chief McCoy had to be brought in to pick up the pieces. His wife Val Demings is on the verge of self destruction and causing another catastrophe in OPD.. OCSO and its citizens does not need this type of leadership so vote for inTEGGrity. Vote JOHN TEGG.


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