The Reality of John McCain’s Campaign

By Roger Caldwell

Senator John McCain is shaking the Republican Party at its very core. He is an “American Hero” and the strategy of the Republican convention was extremely effective and compelling.


Middle America respects the ideals and the symbols of integrity, which McCain represents in his conservative philosophy, viewpoints, and dialogue. The theme of the Republican convention “American First” resonated with middle class voters and helped broaden the campaign’s appeal to patriotic Americans. There are problems that exist in our country, but as Americans we have the will and resolve to confront our problems.

At the 2008 Republican convention president Bush or vice-president Cheney never attended the convention, and there was limited discussion about their polices, achievements, positions, successes, and failures. During this convention the strategy was to admit that there was a need for change “the way they do business in Washington.” By making that assertion and keeping Bush and Cheney away from the convention, McCain established himself as his own man.

As a maverick and a seasoned politician with experience and knowledge, Senator McCain established his credentials and qualifications to lead the country. His extensive experience with global problems and conditions made him an authority in the senate and congress. McCain has admitted that he needs to be educated on the economy, but he has stated, “That he will set a new standard for transparency and accountability.”

Instead of following the traditional and conventional path, McCain’s choice for vice-president was virtually an unknown commodity with no political ties to the national machine. With this decision McCain has infused excitement, youth, the power of the women vote, family values, and American dreams with his choice of governor Palin. McCain has made a phenomenal impact in his campaign and no one can accuse him of not taking a risk.

But the reality of Senator John McCain’s campaign is that it is an effective dog and pony show. There are whistles, funny commentary, passionate speeches, positive press releases and patriotic ideals. We can almost believe that he is an agent for change, because he stated in his speech that “he would defend the rights of the oppressed.”

The truth is that McCain has voted 93% of the time with Bush and there is not any ambiguity with McCain’s fundamental

policies and whose interest he will protect in the economy and country. He has stated that he will keep the soldiers at war for 100 years to win the war. Bush and Cheney did not attend the convention, but their policies and decisions were entrenched in the backroom discussions and decisions.

McCain has stated,” He will fight for you, get back to basics and change America.” But the truth is that McCain is extremely wealthy and the everyday problems that affect the average America does not affect him or his party. In his speech McCain talked about building “a stable and lasting peace” but he has refused to discuss ending the war in Iraq. The reality of Senator John McCain is that nothing will change if he is elected because there is a lack of vision.

Many of McCain ideas are antiquated and he hides behind a lack of knowledge, information, and smoke and mirrors. There is a huge national debt, high trade deficit, a United States dollar that has grown weaker in the global market, but the senator believes that “the fundamentals of our economy are strong.” We are spending 10 billion dollars each month on a war that we know we cannot win, but where is the logic?

As we move closer to this national presidential election, the question is “Can Senator John McCain win the election? The reality of John McCain is that he is in a position to win the election. His performance at the convention was exemplary and he has broadened the Republican appeal with partisan politics and inclusiveness. Many Democrats and women will not align themselves with the party because they do not believe America is ready for a Black first family.

McCain is a shrewd and smart politician who understands how to identify problems and then put on an excellent show to appear that he has solutions. It is extremely important that voters make informed decisions in this election based on accurate information. The pollsters, political experts, and strategies acknowledge that this will be an extremely tight race.

McCain is not going away and he believes he is the right person for the job. He believes in his qualifications and integrity and many Americans after the convention now agree with his positions. Even if you are not a supporter of his policies, he has the ability to pull off a phenomenal upset. Initially when McCain decided to run for office, everyone said he was too old and it was time for new blood.

The reality of Senator John McCain is that he is positioned to become the next president of the United States.


  1. Obama/Biden must focus on the double talk and outright lies being spouted by McCain/ Palin. She lied about the eBay plane sale, about the Bridge to Nowhere, about her love for earmarks when mayor, about Troopergate; It is doubletalk to say McCain fought Republicans when he voted with Bush 93% of time on all major issues including war, taxes and healthcare. The Rove people are experts at using propaganda techniques like thr Big Lie, but Obama/Biden miust hammer home the truth: McCain is a Bush Republican: “You can’t throw the bums out if you are one of the bums”. Obama received the excellent advice that to win it is not whether you can take a punch that counts, it is whether or not you can give one. In the waning weeks ahead, Obama/Biden must follow three tracks: (1) Expose the McCain/Palin lies, (2)Get out the Obama/Biden policy message (3) Deliver hard direct blows at McCain/Palin as fake mavericks playing the American Idol game. In American politics, candidates to who don’t fight back with iron fists lose to Swift Boaters and Willie Horton ads and Rove’s specialty, The Big Lie.


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