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State Reps McCurdy and Nixon Call on DeSantis to Denounce Racism and White Supremacy

Florida State Representative Michele Rayner-Goolsby

Earlier this week, Florida Representative Michele Rayner-Goolsby received a racist and homophobic voicemail on her phone line. Orlando State Representative Travaris McCurdy and State Representative Angie Nixon strongly condemn the hurtful and hateful remarks made against Representative Rayner-Goolsby in response to her disagreement on a piece of legislation with Governor DeSantis. Representatives McCurdy and Nixon on Governor DeSantis, the Executive Cabinet, and the entire Florida legislature to come out in public support against the hateful, racist remarks, in addition to signing onto a joint resolution denouncing white supremacy.

“Representative Rayner-Goolsby is a highly prized and celebrated civil rights attorney that has been on the frontlines advocating for Floridians for years,” said Representative Travaris McCurdy. “White supremacy should not be tolerated on any level therefore we have to demand accountability from our state leaders. I believe too many leaders are satisfied doing nothing to bring about substantive change because they enjoy the opportunities and privileges that white supremacy affords them. Racism is no different from any other chronic problem. It recurs as long as it goes unchecked. And so, silence is not an option!”

“No matter how you look, who you love, the color of your skin, or the job you hold, no person should endure hate like Representative Rayner-Goolsby experienced. I join my colleague in calling on Governor DeSantis and our entire legislative body publicly denounce racism and white supremacy. Florida is a diverse state comprised of people from every racial and ethnic background. Our differences should be celebrated, not shamed,” said Representative Angie Nixon. “There is a long history of white supremacy in our country and state. With recent events led by white supremacy supported organizations, we feel it’s only right to come together as a body that represents the people of Florida to stand up against this rhetoric. This is not the majority, and is only a vocal minority. We took an oath to serve and improve the quality of life for Floridians. That includes standing up and speaking out in moments of oppression. Black leaders should not have to live in fear of intimidation, simply because they want to serve their communities. Regardless of your party, every one of my colleagues should be outraged and speak out against this rhetoric, in addition to signing this resolution denouncing white supremacy.  If they don’t, they are siding with the oppressor and history will make note of it.”

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