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Sink, McCollum, Scott–Three the Hard Way

Alex Sink, Bill McCollum and Rick Scott are major candidates in the race to become Governor of Florida. None of the candidates is perfect or pristine and, in my humble opinion, African American voters may be considering casting their ballots for the lesser of three evils instead of two.

l-r: Bill McCollum, Alex Sink & Rick Scott

Rick Scott is a billionaire but much of his money came from a company he headed that was found to have committed a reported enormous amount of Medicaid fraud.

But this column will focus on Sink and McCullum, two candidates that are currently in office and are currently supposed to be serving and protecting Florida citizens.

Bill McCollum is the Florida Attorney General, allegedly Florida’s top cop, and Alex Sink is Florida’s Chief Financial Officer or Florida’s chief financial crime investigator.

Well, history is the best teacher. If you want to know if Sink and McCollum will “fight” for you as Governor, let’s see how they “fought” for you as members of the Florida Cabinet.

It’s common knowledge that the State of Florida is one of America’s safest havens for predatory lenders, ponzi schemers and financial crooks. Florida was home to the Madoffs and Rothsteins, and a favorite spot for the Wells Fargos and Freemont Investment and Loan companies that swindled thousands of Floridians out of their investments and concocted illegal residential foreclosure actions.

Fight for me as Governor? I don’t think so! What financial criminals has Sink investigated? What financial criminals has McCollum prosecuted?

Don’t take my word for any of this. Read the facts for yourself. Call your little politicians and say Lucius is talking about them and see how they respond.

Both Sink and McCollum should know or should have known that financial criminals were not only robbing individual citizens, the crooks were also playing loose and free with money that the financial criminals owed local governments for transfer fees, assignment fees and other government financial transaction fees.

There is an electronic recording system devised by and for the convenience of predatory lenders and financial criminals called “MERS”. This system allows financial crooks to “document” changes in property title ownerships.

Both Sink and McCullom knew or should have known that the use of MERS to document or change titles, transfers and assignments of properties in Florida is illegal.

Why? Because use of MERS breaks the chain of title, allows criminals to get away without paying local government fees and is an explicit and factual violation of Florida Law!

Can I prove it? Yes!

Florida Statute 701.02 specifically states that “(1) An assignment of a mortgage upon real property or any interest therein, is not good or effectual in law or equity, against creditors or subsequent purchasers, for a valuable consideration, and without notice, unless the assignment is contained in a document that, in its title, indicates an assignment of mortgage and is recorded according to law.”

When Sink and McCollum got complaints from Florida citizens that claimed they were being victimized by predatory lenders and financial criminals, it seems they both ignored those complaints.

Will they both ignore complaints if voters vote for them to become Governor of the Sunshine State? Time will tell.

I know all of the African Americans in Florida that like to bow down and suck up to candidates in hopes of getting a job, don’t like me to write like this. But Florida’s homeowners and law abiding citizens deserve the best public service they can get. They are paying for it with their life savings and perhaps their economic lives.

Be careful who you vote for because you might just elect an imperialist puppet that will allow financial law breakers and other criminals to run free.

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  1. I will not vote for none of those crooks, none of them defended the hapless homeowner, as a matter of fact they aided the thieves, then the AG dude will only put watson and law group in the hands of the Florida bar and nothing will happen

  2. You are right! I’m sending to an Atty. Gen. my Complaints since 2004. They answered that ‘this office has no jurisdiction to prosecute Real Estate fraudulent transaction & Predatory Lending’. But it is exactly what they MUST DO. In few years they answered to my request about investigation that Statute of Limitations is now problem. It is well known that CRIMINAL ISSUES do not have a time limit… Such politicians are DISASTER for Florida. Hopefully, GOD will prepare for them HOT sauna in the HELL!

  3. Lucius,

    Your so right! Problem is this is NATIONAL SYSTEMIC FRAUD. At the HIGHEST LEVELS IN OUR COUNTRY. I found even if you have a way to rectify your bills thats not good enough to get the bankers do proper biz. So I say nationally bcuz this isn’t just in Florida this is happening its Nationally!

    White house wants new reforms. We need to enforce the LAWS WE ALREADY HAVE AND TRY THEM ALL…ATTORNEYS, JUDGES, TRUSTEES. This will get to the heart of the matter….

    Maybe besides targeting Florida judges they should target Chief District Court Bankruptcy Judge Barry Schermer, Judge M Moody from AR. U just won’t believe how many are involved to make the WORLD’S BIGGEST PONZI HAPPEN!

    Here’s a video I’ve made I LOVE YOUR COMMENTS….HEY SHAPIRO BOYS WATCH THIS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VDTAIqOouM&feature=search

    These boys will LIE LIE LIE….Their part of a network like u won’t believe. I almost wonder if we’ll all make it thru their FINANCIAL TERRORISM! U must remember their boys are sitting at the fed as fed govs probably seriously…So which one of us is taken out like a mob hit next guys?

    You can have your minons refuse to represent homeowners. Remove adversaries from a court record and everything else…It won’t silence the TRUTH! I sure hope I get called to testify against these lying neverminds! They’ve known all along what their doing!

    Here’s what I find amazing these people all claim to want to HELP THE PEOPLE! Yet all they try to do is DENY the TRUTH IN FRONT OF THEM! Tell them the TRUTH…the JUDGES THAT IS AND THEY REC– — USE AWAY….I’m living proof of this….so are others…

    I hope Jack don’t mind but Jack Wright of Msfraud.org had his home stolen to…there are several of us…But they get to “LIE” and have “JUDICIAL IMMUNITY” for outright stealing homes THRU and w/Shapiro and whoever they hire in various states…I loved the fact you found that on their Chicago building…

    Remember FANDO who we found out in the Jenny Riveria case Shapiro sold their law firm to or whatever. Why aren’t they being investigated?
    Then this year they changed the registration at the sec of state in mo for NARS. Wonder who got paid for their big investor coming in? Hig Equity I think the name of it is w/over 7.5b in assets or something…

    My former manager who was a tyrant at NARS I found out has had problem paying chld support, has a $40,000 tax lien, a previous chp 7 and a Chase Mortgage to boot.These guys are the MEN IN BLACK suits and black caddies and all! I wonder how much they spend taking their various clients out for all the strip clubs and liquor they can handle….Maybe they should pull in Mr. Buehrle and Patterson…

    Never will forget the phrase “They placed it here! They know its here! NOW COLLECT IT! Ignore anything a homeowner tells you! Needless to say I’d call Chase and in 5 mins of my inquiry that account was gone from my cue and out of my office. I had and have a responsibility to do HONEST BANKING!


    GOD BLESS AMERICA! WHY AREN’T ALL THE STATES ON THESE BOYS??? CORRUPTION ALL THE WAY AROUND with THESE GUYS! Why do they get by with badgering attorneys and homeowners? Their NOT GOD! But after what I’ve lived thru these last few years nothing surprises me anymore!

    (WRITTEN 2010)

    American is at the point that its primary institution of “Religion” needs to step forward to emphasize the covenants of the moral, humane, and ethical foundations of our Democratic Republic. This is the critical time because the Institution of “Economics (capitalism) has sold the notion that Greed is more acceptable than Charity in the conduct of social events! No longer is the institution of “Politics/Government” the hierarchy in the five institutions for leadership. In fact, Capitalism is in the process of taking over the function of governing the people. This is the New World Order being waged presently by BP!!
    Further, Capitalist have provided that the defned qualities of a good leader as one which shows power and intelligence by being in fact a killer of people and have adapted the codes that Wealth without Work, Pleasure without Conscience, Science without Humanity, Knowledge without Character, Politics without Principle, Commerce without Morality, and Worship without Sacrifice! This is directly contrary to those human qualities of leadership qualities set by the institution of Religion where Classically, Greed, Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Sloth are the seven recognized deadliest sins!!
    The group of candidates for leadership in this election year, 2010 provides a prime opportunity for American voters to sort out those individuals that have no qualities that would allow them to be considered for an elected government position. There is a wonderful Party that provides a grouping of nar-do-wells. who are, or should be unelectable on the worst day of the year, The Republican Tea Party!!
    Yes, ministers saying they are of Angles and Ministers of Grace, after selling fear of hell and damnation and promoting that you are in direct phone contact with God them selves, the congregation is ready for reasoning of the religious covenants that required action that preservers the qualities of the philosophies in their leadership. Greed is the anonym of Charity and Humane objectives; Capitalism must do no harm at the least and functions at the pleasure of the people’s government! With that said, let BP become the example of what happens when Businesses harms people. Put BP CEO, Hayward in jail where he can get his life back. Ministers ask yourself. “What would Jesus do?? What would God do??”
    In conclusion this election 2010 has been the most mean, deceptive, lying, criminal, corrupt exercise in American history to date!!
    Dr. J. Alva Scruggs, BS, MS, MA, EdD
    Look Forward to Your Comments
    E-MAIL JSCRU5750 (at) AOL.COM
    Frankly Speaking Blogs; http://franklyspeaking.info


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