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Sea & Shoreline Helps Complete Sebastian Inlet Shoreline Stabilization Project

Sea & Shoreline and the Sebastian Inlet District announced the completion of the Sebastian Inlet North and South Shoreline Stabilization Project. Based in Winter Garden, Florida, Sea & Shoreline is a leader in rehabilitating threatened aquatic ecosystems.

A popular fishing and surfing destination located on Florida’s eastern seaboard, Sebastian Inlet was severely damaged by Hurricanes Mathew (2016) and Dorian (2019). The five-month $1.1M project, which began in May, was funded by ad valorem taxes.

Sea & Shoreline’s marine construction professionals excavated, rehabilitated, and reinforced approximately 655 linear feet of the North Shore, covering a relic, steel sheet piling with limestone rip rap, and repaired and replaced a rip rap revetment. On the South Shore, limestone and granite rip rap was used to repair areas beneath the catwalk under the A1A Bridge and proceeding west to the T-Dock.

“The District is chartered to maintain the navigation channel and shorelines of Sebastian Inlet. This project has reinforced the inlet shorelines, making them more resilient to severe storms,” said James Gray, Executive Director of the Sebastian Inlet District.

“The project’s benefits have proven successful after being put to the test recently by Hurricane Ian on Sept. 28th,” said Dr. Andy Risi, VP, Project Management of Sea & Shoreline.

Sea & Shoreline offers a variety of multi-trophic solutions that can help to provide long-term protection against severe storms including wave attenuation devices to reduce wave energy and shoreline erosion, seagrass plantings to stabilize the sediment and reduce flooding, and living shorelines to reinforce coastlines.

Sea & Shoreline, LLC is a Florida-based aquatic restoration firm that restores fresh and saltwater habitats to healthy and self-sustaining ecosystems. Services include seagrass, oyster reef, coral reef, and propeller scar restorations, dredging, living shorelines, artificial reefs, vegetated retaining walls, wetland plantings, and berm, bank, and shoreline stabilizations.

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