School Board Approves Referendum Election Extending One Mill Ad Valorem

The Orange County School Board has determined that it is in the best interests of the local students to submit to the voters the question of approving the extension of a one mill ad valorem millage increase for four additional years for essential operating expenses in order to preserve academic programs, retain highly qualified teachers, and protect athletic and student activities necessary to maintain high quality educational opportunities for all students. Using $160,000 as the median home value in Orange County, the one mill would equate to $11.25/month or $135/year of the current property taxes.

This will represent a positive impact to the school district of approximately $155 million per year if approved by the voters in August. To read the resolution in its entirety click here.

The resolution calls out the Florida legislature for only allocating “a mere $33 per student more in actual funding than eleven years ago,” which is “an average increase of only $3 per student per year.” When inflation is factored in, Orange County schools have actually experienced a decrease in funding per student, according to the resolution.

To see how your tax dollars were spent previously click here.



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