Scary Leaders

Many so-called Black community leaders are like ghosts, we’ve been told they exist but we never see them. How can we follow someone that is never there?

What we do see are titles! The media will designate any African American with a title as a “leader”.

Every preacher is a leader, every teacher is a leader and every elected and appointed politician is a Black community leader!

Rev. Al Sharpton and his National Action Network recently held an event described as a Black Leadership Meeting. The get together was described as a meeting to “Measure the Movement”. A bunch of organization heads, educators, clergy and political puppets gathered on a stage and reportedly told a live and a TV audience what they would do to support Black people.

Even though it wasn’t Halloween, most of the people on stage seemed scared!

They were scared to stand up, scared to speak out, scared to fight for their rights, scared to do anything that would be in conflict with the wants and desires of the exploiters and oppressors of Black people.

Yes, they wanted to lead Black Americans but they only wanted to lead us down the path laid out by American racists, white separatists and white supremacists.

It takes a village to make up a village!

How can you have a Black community leadership meeting if only Black Christians are in attendance? How can you have a Black political leadership meeting if only Democrats and Republicans are there? How can you have a Black community business leadership meeting and only employees are there? How can you have a Black community media leadership meeting if there are no radical or independent Black journalists there?

Everybody in the Black community should be able to contribute to efforts to uplift the community and solve some of the community problems. All of us can learn something from any of us!

However, the so-called Black leadership would have us believe that our leaders are who the news media says they are.

Well, I’ve worked with Rev. Al Sharpton but I certainly wouldn’t call him “my leader”. I know some of the politicians, scholars, educators and organization presidents that were described as leaders but none of them was my leader.

Black people in American don’t want to be led down the Yellow Brick Road, we want to ride the Money Train!

As I always say, in a capitalist economic system, capital is the primary motivating factor.

If you want to be a “Black Leader ”, lead Black people to more jobs, lead them to affordable housing, lead Black people to equal rights and justice and lead Black people to better health and more wealth.

Black people want leaders that they can believe in. They want to follow leaders that know where they are going. Black people want Black leaders that will tell Black people the truth instead of telling African Americans what non-Blacks want Black people to be told.


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