Sanford Art Walk

Tom Abbott art
Tom Abbott  art

Thanks to all the unswerving invitations from Artist’s Square members Kevin (KV) and Debbe Abbott to attend an event scheduled every last Friday of the month, we got the chance to take a little road trip North of Orlando to the Sanford Art Walk.

The Sanford Art Walk is a fantastic display of diverse local art in the downtown historic Sanford area. While taking a stroll toward the galleries in walking distance of each other, you are accompanied by sounds of music, smells of various restaurant foods with outside table seating and historical sceneries with picturesque buildings. Dim lights surround this orchestrated location, as if an artist had painted this final touch.

Entering Gallery on First, we were greeted by a host named Frankie, a French Bull Dog owned by Jeanine Taylor of Jeanine Taylor Folk art. He didn’t audible greet us of course, but he granted our entry and a silent acknowledgement, as if he knew we were going to be there. He roamed the floors careful enough to know his surroundings and smart enough to keep you around the shop at the artistic retail goods, while wondering what corner he’d be lurking around next. It was a genuine friendly invitation.

by Robert Mier
by Robert Mier

One of the first art rooms we entered were the works of Kevin (KV) of Debbe Abbott. They are currently in NY, but thankfully we were able to look around and see the location where they do a lot of their work. We signed the guest book inside in anticipation as Artist’s Square has always enjoyed their work and are VERY proud to have them as members.

A few steps over was the room of Tom Abbott; a friendly artist who answered my initial question quick-wittedly when asked if he was related to the Abbotts. In his response he said,”I think I may be a distant cousin not by relation, but art has led us to some telepathic connection.” He has been doing work for 15 years with mixed media, 3d art and colors destined to be together. When asked about his work he responded, “I call them constructions. It’s building something rather than creating a piece of art. I can’t help but act upon creating the pieces of work in my head.”

Ruby C. Williams art
Ruby C. Williams art

Robert Mier was another artist worth smiling about. With a great sense of humor and passion for his work of over 60 years, his art room display combinations of visual inspiration by nature and the “old Florida”. Robert was quoted as saying, “My work is the old Florida that tourists don’t get to see. You have to get back to the wilderness to see all this wildlife.” We hope to get more information and an article of Robert soon so keep reading West Orlando News (WONO).

There were two featured works of art by Ruby C. Williams and Anne-Marie Colwell. Ruby grew up in Bealsville, Florida and was honored with a Florida Fold Life Award in Tallahassee. This spiritual businesswoman does everything from the bottom of her heart.

We did get a chance to speak with Anna-Marie Colwell, who says her art is very whimsical, following her moods and specific parts of her life. The current work showcased what her husband calls “the blue period.” Anne-Marie works with layers and uses mixed multi-media such as acrylics and paper.

To sum up the experience of this event, there was plenty to see in such a quaint location. The artists are amazingly talented, humorous, friendly and eager to interact with anyone who had questions or simply just wanted to talk about their work. The locals were pleasant and blended in well with outside visitors. And lastly…Frankie the dog…Well….We believe he’s planning out next month’s agenda. He is a perfect fit! And I hope to see you as well!

Anne-Marie Colwell - art
Anne-Marie Colwell art

Bringing art to your world,

Racquel Cruz
WONO Creative Spotlight

To learn more about the artists and event, the following links are only a fingertip away:

Ruby C. Williams of Jean Taylor Art Gallery

Anne-Marie C. Colwell

Debbie Abbott

Kevin (KV) Abbott

Artist - Tom Abbott
Artist – Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott of Tom Abbott Art

Robert Mier

Artist - Robert Mier
Artist – Robert Mier




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