Reservations Open: Neptune One Spaceship Offers Dazzling Views

More dazzling views of Earth are now possible with the world’s first luxury spaceflight experience from Space Perspective, after a successful inaugural test flight taken in June. Our atmosphere stretches for hundreds of miles into space, Spaceship Neptune flies above 99% of it.

Setting a new bar in out-of-this-world thrilling experiences, as soon as late 2024 Space Perspective will escort Space Explorers gently to space inside Spaceship Neptune’s pressurized capsule propelled by a high-performance spaceballoon that doesn’t use rocket fuel and Explorers see the world anew through its vast windows. The ultra-comfortable, accessible, and six-hour journey redefines what space and wonder travel means for the modern traveler.

Space Perspective announced reservations are now open for travel adventurers looking to upgrade their bucket list by booking a spot on a series of these history-making flights to space with tickets priced at $125,000 each. Commercial flights on Spaceship Neptune depart from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center from late 2024.  Space Explorers will enjoy 360-degree views of our planet in total comfort on a gentle 6-hour journey. Space Perspective is on a mission to invite more people than ever to ride the wave of space history.

History-making Space Explorers will leisurely ascend from a launch pad at the iconic Kennedy Space Center in Florida to soar above 99% of Earth’s atmosphere in an awe-inspiring, two-hour tour of our planet’s biosphere, from inside the comfortable capsule of Spaceship Neptune and its vast viewing windows. Throughout the six-hour journey, all guests will enjoy the best reclining seats in the house to soak in the 450-mile, 360-degree view, an open call on dress, champagne, and a bathroom.

Each Space Perspective capsule will entertain up to eight guests and be accompanied by a pilot, with a co-pilot on the ground. Cultivating group or solo experiences to space potentially mark extraordinary events with a setting to match: couples might well get hitched with a small circle of family introducing a whole new dimension on nuptials. Others may relish the opportunity to celebrate a milestone birthday or even choose to take the company get together to new heights.

This radical approach to luxury space travel is also mindful of the environment, including zero-emission spaceflight. Space Perspective addresses the increased demand for more sustainable travel and experiences for both the affluent and those seeking to invest in a once-in-a-lifetime trip. The draw of more accessible space travel is big business. According to commissioned reports by leading international management consultancy firms, the total addressable market is worth $250 to $700 billion.

As the first space launch operator to fly from Space Coast Air and Spaceport, located adjacent to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, the Neptune One inaugural Test Flight kicked off an extensive testing program. Space Perspective ensures safety by applying flight technology used for decades by NASA and other government entities around the globe, supported by a world class, hand-picked crew, who have been integral to all human spaceballoon flights for the last 50 years.

Based out of Kennedy Space Center, Space Perspective is led by industry luminaries Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, and their expert crew who have been integral to all human spaceballoon flights in the last 50 years. Poynter and MacCallum have been dubbed ‘masters of the stratosphere’ by Bloomberg Businessweek, and MacCallum served as Chairman of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. The couple has been responsible for some of the most remarkable breakthroughs in space innovation and exploration in the last 20 years.

Space Perspective’s Neptune One Test Flight image.


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