Rep. Demings Comments on Senate Tax Bill

Congresswoman Val Demings comments on Senate passage of the Republican tax bill.


Said Rep. Demings, “Early this morning, Senate Republicans voted for a deeply-unpopular plan to gift trillions of dollars to the super rich at the expense of students, seniors, and families. This bill will cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, and it will raise your healthcare costs. If you’re young, this plan will saddle you with mountains of debt while millionaires of my generation loot the treasury. The amount of money Republicans are giving away to corporations and donors could pay the salaries of every teacher in the U.S. for nearly a decade.


“This is the Swamp at its worst—an amoral exercise in raw power on the behalf of the political elite, written in back rooms by lobbyists who care only about their bottom lines. The result is midnight highway robbery which will pick the pockets of 82 million middle-class American families, and funnel the spoils to billionaire Republican donors and big corporations. 13 million Americans are expected to lose their healthcare. That’s an unforgiveable cost in a scheme designed simply to make the rich richer.


“There’s a reason the Republicans kept this scam secret and passed it in the middle of the night: they were embarrassed, and they should be. The Republicans owe the American people the respect of looking us in the eye. The wellbeing of American families and the American economy is worth fighting for, and I won’t stop until this unethical and irresponsible plan is dead and buried.”



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