Randolph Blunder Causes Confusion at Launch of Absentee Program

Rep. Scott Randolph

Earlier this month in a packed room of Orange County Democrats and candidates running for office, Rep. Scott Randolph laid out more details of the Orange County Democratic Executive Committee’s absentee ballot plan for November’s elections. A major component of the campaign is an effort to sign up more Democrats to receive absentee ballots and Randolph developed an entire mailer/walk piece with the request form. With the news also came the first major blunder of the campaign locally.

Randolph said at the local party meeting that he printed 15,000 pieces of literature and urged candidates to deliver them door-to-door. That would make it one of the largest expenses for the local party this election cycle. But look close enough and you’ll see a major mess-up that could confuse voters. On the actual request form, it states: “Current Sarasota County Residence Address.”

Democratic voters already do not typically vote absentee. Randolph’s wife, Susannah Randolph, now acting as Campaign Chair for the local party under her husband, also managed Alan Grayson’s 2010 Congressional Campaign which saw a disaster occur with their attempt to get Democratic voters to vote by mail. Grayson lost big in 2010 despite a big uptick in Democratic absentee requests.

Randolph, who decided not to seek re-election this year to the Florida House, is actively campaigning for state party chair. Last week, Randolph was forced to send out an “Important Message from the Chair” admitting that the literature he ordered and printed with party money contains the wrong information on the form. Leadership of the local party suggests simply “crossing out Sarasota” and then it is fine to use.

The local Democratic Party plan also includes “robo calls” or automated messages to supplement the walk card/mail piece. The entire message on the Democratic Party material does not educate voters at all, but rather could be seen as a turnout suppressant, reading:

“Many polling places have changed. Don’t wonder where to go, or wait in even longer lines when you get there!”

The piece also depicts a line of people standing behind one another. No other voter education or information is provided and the Democratic Party is only visible in small print on the return address and required “Paid for by” language.


  1. Lol way to make a mountain out of a molehill, Mike.

    The 595469436 photos really helped to drive home the scandalous controversy that you single-handedly unconvered.

    Top notch investigative reporting!

    Seems like everyone (on the left and the right) has an unhealthy obsession with the Randolph’s lately.

    Mr. Cantone,

    Was it not the Randolph’s who introduced you into Florida politics when you first came here?

    Could it be that you’re still bitter over your failed Mayoral campaign and their support for the democratic incumbent, Mr. 3%?

  2. The Randolphs are a perfect example of incompetence. But, just like Buddy Dyer and Teresa Jacobs, its all about perpetuating the old boy network. Fuck him and his wife.

  3. Mike should be Mayor of Orlando. I would argue that it was Mike Cantone that taught the Randolph’s about local politics

  4. Mike Cantone taught the Randolphs about politics? That’s a laugh, they’ve lived here longer and uh… actually WIN elections.

  5. The Randolphs know how to win and we’re damn lucky to have them in this STATE fighting for us. And ‘we’re fortunate enough to have them in our county! And there’s no way in Mike Cantone taught the Randolphs anything – not even considering the fact they got him his first job and have been here much longer than Cantone, all Cantone knows how to do is get 3% of the vote. Scott Randolph knows how to WIN.

  6. MIke? Why did you feel a need to do this? What purpose does it serve? Are you in DEC meetings as a DEC committeeman? as a candidate? as a campaign manager? as a journalist? If you can’t be in the room as a DEC committeeman but feel a need to be a journalist in the room you need to identify that you are there as a journalist so we know how to deal with you. It is an unreasonable conflict of interest.

  7. This blather and bluster is useless.

    Someone please explain this to all of the Scott Randolph groupies:
    The biggest threat to the Randolph’s: lack of transparency. (btw, do we mean ‘The Randolphs’ like ‘The Kennedy’s)

    OK. The Randolph’s have proclaimed themselves as heir(s) apparent of a train wreck, affectionately known as the ‘Orange County Democratic Party’. Congratulations Rep. Randolph, you are the proud owner of a disaster. To Be Continued

  8. As a strategic move, The Randolphs are correct to assert themselves. Its the smart move, its the tactical move. Hell, its ripe for the taking. And someones’s got to do it.

    Besides, Democrats in Orange County are crying out for someone to take the helm. Of course, Buddy Dyer is tainted. Black Democrats are leaderless and misled. Daisy Lynum is finished after her handling of the Orlando Calling and ALL-Star fiascos and her acceptance of Apartheid 2.0. Sam Ings vomited all over himself to re-election. (What the hell is wrong with Orlando Dist. 6?) Tiffany Moore-Russell?? We never expected much out of her in the first place. Have you seen her Facebook page?? To Be Cont’d

  9. So, that leaves the Randolphs.

    Orange County Dems are masters of self-destruction and subterfuge. Look at Mayor Dyer. Is he really a Democrat? The Randolph’s would tell you yes.

    Buddy Dyer is Mayor of a city in which less than a 10% of its registered voters turned out for the Mayoral race. To Be Cont

  10. Under Dyer’s watch, Orlando has tanked. We even earned the meanest city in the nation title with him in City Hall. Twice. A real Democrat would notice that. A real Democrat would have cried out at his outrageous, calloused brutality towards the young and willing Occupy Orlando kids. He crushed their spirits and broke their hearts. Buddy Dyer told Black Orlando to kiss his ass with broken Community Venues promises and then put up a fence to keep them out. The Randolphs response: Lets Support Buddy. To Be Cont

  11. The Randolphs, in their quest to dominate Orange County Democratic politics must use their imaginations to win the hearts and souls of local dems.

    But they won’t. They’ll never dominate Orange County Democratic politics. Not really.

    They won’t, because Scott and wife Susanna don’t have any leadership skills. They think that playing the same old, lame game of white southern democrat bull shit will play well. Unfortunately, Florida has changed, Orange County has changed and this isn’t their grand-pappy’s Florida. To Be Cont

  12. They won’t because they have no connection to the people in this county, well, except, maybe in Thornton Park and Colonial Town.

    They won’t because they’re wannabe elitists. They don’t have elitist skills. They want to be who they are not.

    But, the biggest reason they won’t dominate Orange County Democratic politics is that a lot of people loathe Scott Randolph. Absolutely despise him. Eatonville hated having him as their State Representative, particularly the few dozen that knew who he was. To be cont

  13. Of course, now we’ll all agree that Mr and Mrs Randolph are really nice people, they have a nice family, they make great neighbors.

    So does Mr. and Mrs. Dick Cheney, Jim DeMint and his wife.

  14. WTF? You’re attacking Mike Cantone for what? Clique-y, no? Mike Cantone was the most inspiring thing to come along to Orlando in many years. Scott Randolph inspires decay. When was the last time Mr. Randolph tried to mobilize a community. Cantone haters are amazing.


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