Property Appraiser Certifies 2017 Preliminary Tax Roll as Market Value Rockets to $172 Billion

Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh recently certified the 2017 preliminary tax roll with a market value worth $172.6 billion, up from last year’s high of $159 billion. The Florida Department of Revenue approved the tax roll on July 28, 2017. This year, the Property Appraiser’s office is responsible for fairly assessing more than 450,000 real estate parcels, over 61,000 Tangible Personal Property accounts, and keeping track of new construction that has an average cost of $8.3 million per day.

“Orange County’s historic market value of $172.6 billion shows that we’re trending in the right direction,” Property Appraiser Singh said.

For 2017, Orange County reached a new historical high in market value that includes 7 major theme parks, close to 400,000 residential parcels, over 85,000 hotel rooms, and $6.1 billion in residential market value growth.

“Each year, I have the privilege of signing the tax roll for Orange County,” Property Appraiser Singh said. “Since I’ve been in office, we’ve received approval of our tax roll from the Florida Department of Revenue, and this year is no different. I am proud of the work that my office does each day with skill, care, and diligence to ensure that we are assessing property in a fair and equitable manner.”

The tax roll is an account of properties in the county that can be taxed. This information is used by Orange County’s 13 municipalities to set millage rates and budgets for the next fiscal year. The 2nd and final tax roll for 2017 will be signed and delivered in October to the Orange County Tax Collector for the collection of taxes. This event occurs after the Property Appraiser mails the “Notice of Proposed Property Taxes” or TRIM (Truth in Millage), in mid-August.


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