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Progressive Caucus Demands Resignation of Florida Democratic Party Chair

Florida progressives are not holding back after Republicans dominated state politics riding the Governor Ron DeSantis wave, and they are demanding Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz resign immediately.

The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida said the party leadership failed to deliver on any promises made to the base, and they called Diaz incompetent and out of touch.

Here’s the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida statement:

“Florida Democratic Party Chair Manny Diaz, who two years ago promised everything, delivered on none of it. The results of this election are direct evidence of a vacuum in leadership that can not be allowed to continue. Lack of financial oversight, lack of messaging, lack of grassroots involvement in the conversation, and breaking of the state party’s own rules have made it evident of his gross incompetence. Chair Diaz never understood the electorate, the timely need for outreach, registration, and community participation. There was no outreach plan for FDP’s most reliable voters, including minorities, youth, and progressives.

“Manny Diaz let down Floridians, voters candidates, grassroots volunteers, immigrants, minorities, and thousands of working families in this state. If Chair Diaz has any decency, he will step down and let us build a state party that works for all Floridians.”

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