Poor Democratic Women’s Club of Florida

The Democratic Women’s Club of Florida, Inc. says it opposes the appointment of Senator Jeff Sessions forUnited States Attorney General.

It’s a good thing it doesn’t matter, because what they oppose doesn’t really matter anymore.

Something has changed in this country and some of us are finally waking up.

Look, maybe they’re not paying attention. Them, their party, and their standard bearer, Hillary Clinton were rejected and thoroughly repudiated by 31 states.

Some would call that a beatdown.

And they know it.

They also know that they are lying with regards to Hillary winning a majority. Well, maybe in California. But California is not and does not define America. Thank God for that. The state has been taken over by raving maniacs who think that people born in this country owe something to them who weren’t. Well, sort of.

Since its inception, America has ALWAYS elected a President by the electoral college vote.

Democrats, their policies, their vision, even their leaders have been repudiated and Jeff Sessions will be the next Attorney General



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