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Orlando Woman-owned Business Featured in Forbes

Athena Staton, She.E.O. of SheCar™ (photo credit: Jacquie Meisenheimer)

Orlando resident Athena Staton, She.E.O. of SheCar™, caught the attention of Forbes Magazine Personal Finance Contributor, Renee Morad, who wrote a feature article about how Staton’s online car dealership is cleaning up the auto industry and saving customers thousands on vehicle purchases since it was launched only a few months ago. The company provides consumer access to dealer-only information about a vehicle’s actual value and condition.

“You see what I see”, says Staton, “and I see every detail about a car imaginable – far more than the old-guard would have you believe.”

Part of the SheCar™ launch included the creation of the company’s charitable division, SheCARE; a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization to provide automotive guidance and assistance to women overcoming significant hardship. The goal, according to Staton, is to give reliable and safe vehicles to women in need. Eventually, SheCARE will offer SheCLASSES to teach people the basics of car-buying, maintenance, insurance, and finance.

SheCar™ hosts quarterly events to promote a community, education, and friendship among customers known as SheCar Divas and Dudes (yes, guys like an honest deal on a car too), who receive cool swag and bonus money for referring customers.

Car-buying isn’t complex, says Staton, “it’s just been made to feel that way by a plethora of behind-the-scenes companies who each take a piece of the pie. SheCar™ simplifies the process so customers can make educated decisions, all-the-while making friends and participating in something good.”

Athena Staton is a licensed independent automobile dealer who has lived in Orlando since 1988.

For additional information or to learn more about SheCar™, go to or call 407-234-0080.

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