Orlando Senator Randolph Bracy Wants to Require Law Enforcement Body Cameras

Orlando State Senator Randolph Bracy filed legislation to require law enforcement officers to wear and use body cameras and require law enforcement vehicles to be equipped with and use dashboard cameras. This has been an important local justice issue, as Orlando Mayor Dyer has allowed the Orlando Police Department to get away with not using cameras in all situations in addition to a lack of transparency around body cameras and footage. The legislation would also require law enforcement agencies to establish specified policies and procedures.

“This legislation would allow transparency between the public and law enforcement which has been a big issue for many of my constituents,” said Senator Bracy. “Body and vehicle cameras would also aid the public and law enforcement in acquiring evidence that can help solve cases or lead investigators on the right track. It’s clear that this bill would benefits all parties.”

Representative Kevin Chambliss filed HB 569 Law Enforcement Officer Body and Vehicle Dash Cameras, which will serve as the House companion to Senator Bracy’s SB 452.

“Now, more than ever, it is imperative that there be trust between law enforcement and the community,” Representative Kevin Chambliss said. “In order to establish this trust, police body cams and dash cams are crucial in protecting the integrity of LEO, as well as the safety of residents.”


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