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Orlando Parts Distribution Union Workers Join UAW Strike

As the United Auto Workers expanded their strike against the Big Three automakers at parts distribution centers across the United States at GM and Stellantis, Orlando union workers joined and walked off the job.

About 70 workers from UAW Local 1649 work at the Chrysler parts distribution center on Boggy Creek Road in Orlando, Florida. According to reports, the latest additions added about 5,600 workers to the 12,700 already on strike.

“We are out on the picket line with striking UAW International Union workers at the Stellantis Parts Distribution Center here in Orlando,” the Central Florida AFL-CIO posted after the strike expanded. Local union members and supporters are encouraged to join and show solidarity with striking auto workers at the Chrysler Orlando Parts Distribution Center at 10300 Boggy Creek Road, Orlando, FL 32834.

The union says the auto industry is rapidly changing and workers are being left behind. According to UAW, the Stand Up Strike is a new approach to striking where instead of striking all plants all at once, select locals will be called on to “Stand Up” and walk out on strike. As time goes on, more locals may be called on to “Stand Up” and join the strike, giving the union maximum leverage and maximum flexibility in their fight to win a fair contract at each of the Big Three automakers.

UAW President Shawn Fain said the strike has become a nationwide event by targeting distribution centers and will impact consumers attempting to get car repair parts. UAW is threatening more action if a contract is not finalized.

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