Orlando drops eminent domain lawsuit against Black church, moves site of soccer stadium

Faith Deliverance Temple
Faith Deliverance Temple

The city of Orlando will no longer pursue its eminent domain lawsuit against a Parramore church which has refused to sell in order for a new soccer stadium to be built.

Faith Deliverance Temple, located on land which the city had hoped to acquire by eminent domain for the downtown soccer stadium, refused to accept an offer of $4 million.  The church had asked for $15 million.  After negotiations broke down, the city moved to seize the church by eminent domain.

On Monday, city officials said, the stadium would be shifted west.

Over the intervening months, two groups, in particular, Fight Back Coalition and Florida Civil Rights Association, viewed the city’s move to acquire the church by eminent domain as an outrage.

“This is a major victory for Faith Deliverance Temple and the Parramore community,” said Mike Cantone of Fight Back Coalition. “Mayor Dyer was wrong to attempt to use eminent domain to takeover a Church for a private-use soccer stadium, and at least the City has used some sense to end this circus.”

Cantone added: “Mayor Dyer’s reckless planning and controversial actions related to the MLS stadium and the Venues Agreement still raise additional questions and concerns. We are proud that the community can celebrate this major victory, however continued oversight, more accountability and more community vigilance are still needed.”







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