Orlando Financial Consultant Offers Tips for Having Fun While Planning Ahead

Money—thinking about it, talking about it, spending it and saving it—is one of the leading causes of stress among most Americans. However, approaching financial decisions with avoidance, an abundance of caution or overconfidence can aggravate that tension, whether in the present moment or later down the line. As a certified public accountant and consultant, James LaHam wants to transform the mindset surrounding financial planning and demonstrate that preparing for the future does not have to be daunting nor does it require depriving oneself of enjoyment until retirement.

“Financial Planning Revolutionized: Money Doesn’t Exist Until You Spend It” is an entertaining and insightful personal finance guide for the contemporary adult interested in learning how to save for retirement without sacrificing creature comforts. LaHam parts ways with the traditional financial planning axiom, dispelling the myths of old and forging a new path that is rooted in both real-world client experience and the acknowledgment of how human emotion and desire shape financial planning.

From managing lifestyle burn rate and paying off a mortgage to funding college and taking social security as early as possible, LaHam covers how to approach life’s milestones in a painless and financially viable manner. He provides tips on how to start small with saving, avoid overreacting to economic downturns and abstain from following trendy advice that can lead to financial trouble. He also lends his experience on investing, choosing a financial advisor and the best approaches to building a portfolio suited to personal financial goals and risk tolerance.

Above all, “Financial Planning Revolutionized” embodies a “live for today but bet on tomorrow” mantra, emphasizing the importance of striking and maintaining a balance between saving for retirement and investing in memories along the way. LaHam, who also authored “True G.R.I.T.: A True Graduated Rational Income Tax System” and “Business Wisdom: A Collection of Contemporary and Concise Business Principles – Lighting the Path to Business Success,” has been lauded by other finance and business professionals for his humorous, personable style and ability to facilitate understanding around complex topics and strategies.

“I had, at one time, a law firm that I built up from scratch to about 15 lawyers in five years which fell apart,” said Mike Canan, a business attorney with Gray Robinson, about “Business Wisdom.” “If I only had this book then, I wouldn’t have made the mistakes I made.”

“Jim’s creativity and sense of humor come through loud and clear in his writing,” said President of Advisory Boards to Go, and formerly the CEO of Medicomp, Inc. Daniel Balda about “Business Wisdom.” “It is like having a fireside chat with a leader that summarizes a lifetime of learning for you. Concise, easy, fun read!”

Ultimately, “Financial Planning Revolutionized” is a fresh, fun way of thinking about financial and retirement planning, offering avenues for readers to make the most of their hard-earned dollar, avoid investment pitfalls and unnecessary losses, and build sustainable wealth.

“Financial Planning Revolutionized: Money Doesn’t Exist Until You Spend It”
By James LaHam, CPA & Consultant
ISBN: 9781684707102 (softcover); 9781684707096 (electronic)
Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Lulu Publishing


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