Orange County Comptroller Collects Over Half Million for Local Taxpayers in Auction Sale

Orange County Comptroller Phil Diamond announced “great auction results” from the Surplus Property Auction sale last week. The Comptroller conducts public auctions of surplus tangible county equipment. These auctions allow the County an opportunity to recover part of its expenditures for equipment and vehicles, and provide the citizens with a fair and open opportunity to purchase these items.

In just two days, $540,000 was collected from the Orange County Surplus Auction sale proceeds for local taxpayers.

“There were more participants than ever before,” Comptroller Diamond said. “Thanks to all the people in the Comptroller’s office for their great work including our team leader Jennifer Walker and her team, as well as Cathy Dixon and our IT department, and Florida Surplus Auctions.”

Items sold at auction included vehicles and heavy equipment on the first day and office furniture, computer equipment and everything else the County had stored in the warehouse that was no longer being utilized.

The County Comptroller, an elected official answering directly to the citizens of Orange County, examines the use of County resources. According to the Comptroller’s office, this function serves as a check and balance, and results in the greatest accounting integrity and safeguarding of public assets. The services performed by the County Comptroller can be classified into three broad categories: financial, audit, and records administration. The Comptroller’s specific roles include serving as chief financial officer, county auditor, clerk of the board, recorder, and custodian of county funds and records.


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