OCPS Superintendent Contract Includes $330,000 Salary, Benefits, Car Expenses and More

School Board members recently approved the contract for the new Orange County Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Maria Vazquez. The Board delegated authority to School Board Chair Teresa Jacobs and the Office of Legal Services to negotiate the employment contract with Superintendent Designate Dr. Vazquez. See the full OCPS Superintendent contract below.

The incoming OCPS Superintendent agreed to an initial base salary of $330,000, with the opportunity to get a 3% bonus for “meets expectations” and up to a 5% performance bonus. The Superintendent will also receive health insurance benefits, a $1,000,000 term life insurance policy, and an annual contribution to a tax-sheltered annuity in the amount of 8% of her base salary.

On top of that, Superintendent Vazquez will also get $900 each month for her personal car expenses. Economic times are tough right now for many, apparently even those with a $330,000 salary as it appears the personal automotive expenses need to be covered by OCPS.

In addition to the personal car expenses being covered, OCPS will provide the Superintendent another $300 per month “for the costs associated with the performance of her duties in the accomplishment of District business.” She also has reimbursable expenses, meaning she can reimburse herself beyond the $300/month. The board will also pay for Dr. Vazquez’ membership fees to various educational organizations. The OCPS Superintendent will accrue two days of annual leave per month, and will accrue one day per month of sick leave.

One clause allows Dr. Vazquez to engage in outside consulting or additional professional development activities. “Any compensated consulting work undertaken by VAZQUEZ must be performed using VAZQUEZ’ annual leave time, personal leave time, holidays or other non-duty time,” the contract states.

Orange County teachers also recently ratified agreements on compensation and contract language for the 2022-23 school year. Starting salaries will increase for teachers from $47,500 to $48,400 and for school psychologists from $56,250 to $57,150. In the OCPS statement, there was no mention of personal car expenses being covered for Orlando teachers.

Here’s the full OCPS Superintendent contract:



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