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OCPS Community Connect Launches for Families in Need

OCPS Community ConnectOrange County Public Schools is now providing an incredible new service online. OCPS launched a new resource assistance platform for families in need through OCPS Community Connect. The free resource is available to OCPS families, staff and the community to assist in self-navigating social services and community resources at their own convenience. The platform allows a search to be made by zip code and browse social service programs across various categories that are geographically close to where a family lives.

Families seeking resources or needing help in areas such as mental health, tutoring and mentoring, child care, housing, healthcare, financial support, and food assistance are connected with community based organizations in the area. OCPS Community Connect allows families to being an easy online search using their zip code to narrow results. Then families can find programs that serve people in that area related to basic needs, housing and shelter, mental health and wellness, healthcare, child and elder care, financial support, job services, community and recreation, legal, and education services.

As the County continues to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, many families are still struggling to find assistance with multiple issues. There have also been a lot of changes to services being provided in the community. This system provides the start of a “one-stop shop” to find available programs locally.

Additional student resources such as the OCPS Mental Health Services Helpline are available by calling 407-317-3694 Monday thru Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and United Way’s 211 service 24 hours a day.

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