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Non-Profit “Trucks Across America” Selects Habitat Orlando as First Donation Recipient

Newly launched “Trucks Across America” has selected Habitat for Humanity Orlando as the first organization to receive its services. The nonprofit provides trucks, trailers, drivers and gas to other non-profits at no cost.

“Trucks Across America’s” first “jobs” were hauling donations from two recent Habitat events. They moved a total of 12 truckloads of building supplies, saving Habitat Orlando an estimated $8,650 in transportation costs.

“Working with Habitat Orlando is a test drive for us. They were chosen because we needed a strong partner – and one that needed this particular service,” said Alan Hershman, the organization’s founder and owner of Journey Transportation, a for-profit trucking company. “I’ve seen firsthand how transportation can be cost-prohibitive for non-profits. I’m trying to find a solution to that.”

“Finding affordable transportation is a challenge,” said Dee Danmeyer, executive director for Habitat for Humanity Orlando. “We often receive large donations of building supplies, but find it difficult – and expensive – to move the materials to our warehouse.”

“Ultimately, our goal is to find companies or individuals to sponsor the trucks (including driver wages and gas), because we don’t have the resources to completely support the base costs. We are an organization specifically dedicated to helping other non-profits,” said Hershman.

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